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“A Must-Have for All Households.”

Searching for solutions for her deteriorating health, Julia Sun turned to 5,000-year-old Traditional Chinese Medicine with its fundamental reliance on “universal energy.” Using her professional, educational, and analytical skills, she started working her way through what she had gathered. She found solutions to her health problems and, with time, returned to the vibrant health that had eluded her for 20 years.

Up to 100 million Americans attempt to control their weight, and fully one-third of Americans seek to diminish the symptoms of fatigue and low energy. However, they go about it in the wrong way, just as she did. She wants to share her knowledge and experience to help people control their weight, maintain their health, and heal their illnesses, all while achieving a long and vital life.

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Online Courses

  • Discussing the detail of The Total Life Energy Plan.
  • Including many quizzes to make sure you understand the basic concepts.
  • Containing many practical assignments for you to customize and apply the plan to your own health conditions and living environments.
  • Lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace and revisit anytime to apply and adjust your plan as your health condition changes.

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