Online Courses on Total Life Energy Plan

  • Discussing the detail of Total Life Energy Plan.
  • Including many quizzes to make sure you understand the basic concepts.
  • Containing many practical assignments for you to customize and apply the plan to your own health conditions and living environments.
  • Lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace and revisit anytime to apply and adjust your plan as your health condition changes.

We offer two educational paths:

A: your health:

  1. LEARN THE BASICS: Universal Energy, Human Body, and Food
  2. GET READY: Readying the Body to Obtain More and Needed Energy
  3. TAKE ACTION: Implementing Your Total Life Energy Plan
  4. BEYOND THE NORM: Advanced Life Energy Techniques

B: practitioner certification:

  1. ADVANCED WELLNESS TRAINING: The Total Life Energy Plan for Practitioners
  2. COACH TRAINING: How to Help Others to Achieve and Maintain Optimum Wellness
  3. BUSINESS TRAINING: They Need Your Service
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Learn the Basics:

The Total Life Energy Plan is based on the principle of universal energy found in Chinese medicine. Body and food are both parts of universal energy. Universal energy and its applications to and in our body, as well as to our food are explained in this course.

Ready the Bosy to Obtain More and Needed Energy

Get Ready:

Learn your body and your foods so you will be able to supply the right foods for your unique bodily needs. Ready your body to accept the increased energy to come.

Implementing Your TLEP

Take Action:

Get the details necessary to implement The Total Life Energy Plan and carefully monitoring your body’s reactions to ensure you get the best possible results.

Advanced Life Energy Techniques

Beyond the Norm:

Use special techniques to conserve vital yet limited life energy for longevity, or to cure serious illnesses that can’t be cured by any medicine or by normal diet, exercise, and daily activities.

  • Get a free Reiki Level I study manual with the purchase of the Course of Readying the Body to Obtain More and Needed Energy.
  • With the purchase of the Course of Implementing Your Total Life Energy Plan, you get both for free: Reiki Level II study manual and the course Beyond the Norm.
  • Watch a free class to have a sense of the courses: