About the Plan

How to Overcome Any Illnesses?


The energy that make the human body not only to survive but to thrive. It is the fuel to keep life going and to establish and preserve good health.

  • When our bodies have abundant life energy, we are active, healthy, and having no illnesses.
  • When our bodies do not have the energy they need for daily activities, we have fatigue.
  • When our bodies dangerously lack energy, disease strikes.
  • When our bodies stop produce energy, we die.


Our living body needs life energy to survive and remain active.

Cultivating life energy – The Only Way to Vibrant Health

Total Life Energy Plan(TLEP) is designed to maximize life energy for long-term physical and emotional health and a vibrant life. It guides you to develop your own unique path to diet, exercise, and daily activities in a way that preserves and optimizes your vital energy.

TLEP considers each individual’s unique bodily needs depending on their specific life circumstances, and the Plan increases their vital life energy for living a long and healthy life. The Plan is created to help people conquer their health issues and change their life at a time when more and more people have degenerative diseases and over 80% of the U.S. populations have illnesses, such as chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorder, viral infections, chronic pain, obesity, sleep apnea, insomnia, anxiety attack, depression, digestive disorder, diabetes or prediabetes.

TLEP is unique. No other plan delivers complete health for the long term.

Our Approach – Your Personal Long-term Health and Wellness

TLEP is based on life energy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine which has lasted for more than 5000 years, cured countless people, and works under all kinds of living environments.

TLEP guides you to develop your own unique path to diet and exercise in a way that preserves and optimizes your vital energy by:

  • Teaching the importance of thinking and planning for long-term health.
  • Taking into consideration your body’s unique needs in your specific living conditions.
  • Integrating emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Offering solutions to fatigue, autoimmune disorder, frequent infections, pain and aches, obesity, depression, and other chronic health problems.


Life energy is vital:

  • When we have abundant energy, we are active, healthy, and have no illnesses.
  • When life energy declines, the body does not have enough energy to perform daily activities.
  • When our bodies completely lack energy, we die.

No energy = no life.

Dangerously lacking energy = disease.

With the right kinds of life energy, every disease is curable.

TLEP is designed to save our precious vital energy in life. The plan enables us to obtain maximum energy from our surroundings and to make good use of life energy in daily activities.


TLEP  helps you discover energy deficiencies in your body, fulfill your energy needs, and prevents and heals health problems for the long term.

Total life energy Plan – Benefits for a Lifetime

Total Life Energy Plan is the only diet and health program that truly enables you to eliminate chronic fatigue, overcome autoimmune disorders, control weight, heal illnesses, and maintain health for the long run. Once you are able to apply Total Life Energy Plan to your daily activities, you will achieve a higher degree of self-care than you ever thought possible.

You are in charge of your own health. No more chasing after the latest diet fads, damaging exercises, and harmful medications, whether driven by scientific research or marketing.

Without any commercial products or backing, The Total Life Energy Plan is a must for lifelong vitality, weight management, and health.

Our Story – Your Hope


Julia H. Sun is the founder of  TLEP

Julia grew up in China and has lived in the United States for over three decades. This exposed her to both Eastern and Western medicines and their healthcare systems. This makes her uniquely qualified to compare and evaluate the two completely different cultural and philosophical approaches to health and healthcare.

She has always been very health conscious. She wants to do the best for her body. Soon after she came to the U.S., one of the most advanced countries in the world, she learned about the Western standard of nutrition and changed her diet accordingly by:

  • Learning about the nutritional values of different foods.
  • Checking food labels for nutrition and ingredients.
  • Eating a lot of fruit and green salads.
  • Carefully controlling her calorie intake.
  • Taking nutritional supplements faithfully.

She also exercised frequently to stay physically active – aerobics, jogging, machines, volleyball, swimming, dancing, yoga, Pilate, etc..

Total Life Energy Plan

She thought she was doing everything right. Nevertheless, about 5 years after she began following a Western diet and lifestyle, she began to have problems. It started with allergies, tiredness, and headaches. Even after seeking doctors’ help and spending a lot of money on out of pocket expenses after medical insurance coverage, new problems kept coming with old problems remaining. After about 20 years of living in the U.S., her health had badly deteriorated:

  • digestive disorders
  • chronic fatigue
  • weight problems
  • fainting
  • frequent body infections
  • abnormal bleeding and bruises
  • cervical and breast tumors
  • tremors.

More problems and new illnesses kept coming until she had discomfort and pain all over her body, couldn’t drive safely or even go to work.

She had to find a way out of this difficult situation.

Julia has strong analytical skills and an extensive background in both academic and business research. Therefore, it was natural for her to start a research journey to turn her health around.

Based on her personal experience with both Western and Eastern cultures and healthcare systems, combined with her careful and thorough research and analysis, she found fundamental differences between Eastern and Western approaches. This enabled her to find an all natural way to take care of herself and reverse the decline in her health.

We may think we eat right and do the best for our body, but how we are told to eat and exercise in the Western world much too often makes us sicker, not healthier!

If she became so sick, it must be happening to others, especially those who have always lived in the United States.

She vowed to share her health experiences, research, and results with the world. She believes her experiences can help everyone.

Total Life Energy Plan is the fruit of her 6 years of dedicated study, research, and experience. Now she shares this hard-earned knowledge through her unique training programs, presentations, books, and consultations.

Meet Julia H. Sun
Total Life Energy Plan

Julia suffered from many health problems, some quite severe. She healed herself using all natural and holistic methods with food, exercise, mental training, habits, and daily activities.

She’s a very kind, loving, caring person who is determined to help people who are suffering or potentially suffer from all kinds of illness in the Western world. On her journey to wellness, she has overcome many obstacles, including financial difficulties and English language barriers. She has spent over 6 years researching, writing, analyzing, and practicing the wellness principles she now lives by.

To learn more about Julia, check out her website, blog (Julia On Health), Authors Page on Amazon, Facebook page, or Facebook group.


TLEP is for anyone who want to be healthy and active well into their old age or even twilight years. TLEP especially helps people with health issues, such as:

  • Chronic fatigue (ME/CFS), such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (cfids), fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID).
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Digestive disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease

Do you want to prevent chronic fatigue syndrome and other health problems and diseases from happening to you?

Because the system helps to build a strong body so it is able to regulate its functions and health, these overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome programs benefit anyone who want to strengthen their bodies for long-term health and vitality, not just the people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.


We offer books, trainings, consultation and coaching, as well as energy healing, for you to learn and apply the program to your own health.


Start now so you can save your precious but limited life energy as early as possible to overcome chronic fatigue, control weight, heal all your health problems or maintain good health for a vibrant, longer and happier life.