Group Training and Workshops

The Total Life Energy Plan offers group training in the topics of

  • The universal energy system
  • How the universal energy applies to the human body
  • How the universal energy applies to food
  • How to make the body to receive energy for health and wellbeing
  • Know your own body
  • Finding the best foods for your body
  • Selecting exercises for your body
  • explaining how poor emotional hygiene leads to health problems
  • Which daily activities cultivate or squander your life energy

Advanced Topics:

We offer group training in advanced life-energy related topics, such as many advanced energy-enhancing exercises, energy healings, the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more.

Current Workshops:

Why Spleen Energy is Essential to Weight Management
November 11, 2018 at 2:30 pm

Learn how weight problems are rooted in the body’s energy systems, and how our fad diets, improper exercises, modern lifestyle, and current western beliefs about body weight damage Spleen energy and cause additional and long-term weight issues. Discover how to strengthen the Spleen and body to reach an ideal weight.

Life Energy is the Key to Long-term Weight Management and Optimal Health
April 5, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Everyone wants to be healthy. But more and more people have weight and health problems. What we are told about food, nutrition, exercise, and health in the America are not working. Eating for nutrition, exercise for building body shape, and looking for the fast cure of weight and other health problems lead to long-term illnesses.
Learn why life energy is essential to long-term health and weight management and how to manage our precious but limited life energy.

Contact us for your group needs and the workshops.

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