Health Consultations

You CAN Prevent Illnesses !!!

All Disease Are Curable with Life Energy !!!

After many years of extensive research, Julia discovered how to recover from many illnesses and how to return to the vibrant health that had eluded her for 20 years. She shares her knowledge through the health and wellness system she developed to help you recover from your health problems and return to the vibrant health that you deserve.

We provides:

♥ Personal Health Consultations

Do you have health issues that bother you or are with you for a long time? We directs you to the right way of healing and maintaining health.

Individual Training

We determines your body problems and guides you step-by-step in developing and implementing a detailed action plan to energize your body and improve your health. The training program is customized to individual conditions, such as:

  • Your health conditions. If you are seriously ill, having cancer, or need a surgery soon, Julia may start with energy attunements and energy healing sections.
  • The time and effect you could put in. The minimum is an hour every another day. Two or more hours each day to learn and practice is preferred for better results.

The basic (minimum) training program offers you:

  • A good understanding of life energy, our body’s energy system, energy sources, and energy healing.
  • A personal guide to:
    • finding energy deficiencies in your organs or the whole body.
    • finding foods, energy exercises, daily activities for the deficiencies.
    • removing obstacles that prevent the body from accepting its much-needed energy.
  • The right ways of practicing cooking, dieting, and excise.

To get the most from individual training and to be economically efficient for you, it is recommended to read the books and/or take the three online courses on The Total Life Energy Plan beforehand.

Contact us here, or apply for Julia’s health consultations here to see if you qualify.

♥ Energy Healing

We detects your energy-deficient areas and transfers the energy your body needs. We are knowledgeable in many energy healing methods, such as Reiki, qigong and other Chinese ways, to transfer energy to your body and improve your health.