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This 15-week training program offers many detailed and practical tools for overcoming chronic fatigue. It makes sure your body is capable to accept energy and then charge your body with the energy it desperately needs. It is designed to meet your body’s unique needs of energy. All exercises, practices, and advice are easy to follow and suitable for your fatigue conditions. This program includes but not limited to:

  • Figuring out why your body has energy deficiency.
  • Removing blockages that prevent your body from accepting energy.
  • Tuning your body so it is capable to take in energy.
  • Determining the foods, exercises, habits, lifestyle, and daily activities that provide your body with energy as well as these that drain the energy from your body.

This training program also includes:

  • Private training and consultations 1 hour/week.
  • Q&A sessions (email, online chat, or in person) 20 minutes/week.
  • A print book or 3 eBooks.
  • One chakra tuning session.

Note: this price does not cover the travel costs for onsite training and consultations at your locations.


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