Overcoming Fatigue

Are you suffering from Chronic Fatigue that disrupts your normal, daily activities?

It affects more and more Americans. After Julia cured her own chronic fatigue and many other diseases, she has developed a complete training program to help sufferers to eliminate their fatigue syndrome and enjoy a vibrant life.

Do you want to prevent fatigue and other health problems and diseases from happening to you?

Because TLEP builds a strong body so our body is able to regulate its functions and health, these programs benefit anyone who want to strengthen their bodies for long-term health and vitality.

The Guide to Overcoming Chronic Fatigue

This one-hour training explains how new age diets, health and wellness programs create fatigue and guides you to naturally heal chronic fatigue and maintain long-term health without any commercial products.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue

This 15-week training offers many detailed and practical tools to overcome chronic fatigue. It makes sure your body is capable to take in energy and then charge your body with the energy it desperately needs. It is designed to meet your body’s unique needs of energy. All exercises, practices, and advice are easy to follow and suitable for your fatigue conditions. A private consultation with Julia Sun is also included.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue with Julia Sun

This program includes the 15-week training as well as weekly private consultations, Q&A sessions, and email supports from Julia Sun.

Eliminating your chronic fatigue with our trainings: