Course Description

This course is for individuals who want to learn the basic principles of how the world works and to apply these principles to your body, food, and daily life.

This knowledge will help you to keep your thoughts and actions on the right track in every aspect of your life, including your health, your family, your social relationships, and your career. As a result, It will be less likely to be distracted or tempted to go astray in life.

What are the requirements?

You will need to be able to open PDF files should you wish to access the manual and supplementary materials.

What will I get from this course?

Everything in this world is energy; everything is constantly changing, and everything is connected to everything else in this world. You will learn how the universe works, its basic principles of change, and how everything is connected to everything else. You will also be able to apply the basic principles to your body and food. This course will direct you to the right way of thinking about your body and food, and it will help you to build a solid foundation for understanding The Total Life Energy Plan.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to

  • Help themselves and others make significant improvements in every aspect of their life, including their family, their health, their social relationships, and their career.
  • Practice and absorb the course information on their own schedule, at their own pace, and in the privacy of their own home or office.
  • Expand their existing business by adding a new skill set and certification to their list of professional qualifications.
  • Start a wonderful and exciting career helping people improve their lives as a Certified Total Life Energy Plan Practitioner.

This course is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Stay or get on the right track in terms of your daily thoughts and actions.
  • Learn how humans are related to Nature, and the importance of this relationship for living well and living in harmony with the world and our fellow human beings.
  • Apply the basic principles of the universe to your body, food, and health.
  • Better understand Traditional Chinese philosophies and beliefs, including Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Introduction to Universal Energy  0/3

  • Universal Energy and Yin-yang 

    Universal Energy and Yin-yang


    • Universal Energy and the Concept of Yin and Yang
    • Aspects of Yin-yang
    • Quiz on Universal Energy and Yin-yang
  • Universal Energy and the Five Phases  0/4

    • The Five Phases
    • Examples of the Five Phases
    • Interactions among the Five Phases
    • Quiz on the Five Phases and Their Relationships
  • Applications of Yin-yang and the Five Phases  0/2

    • Yin-yang vs the Five Phases
    • Examples of Yin-yang and the Five Phases: Seasons and Weather
  • Universal Energy and the Human Body  0/8

    • Yin-yang in the Human Body
    • The Five Phases in the Human Body
    • Quiz on Yin-yang and the Five Phases in the Human Body
    • The Five Organ Relationships
    • The Five Basic Substances
    • Yin-yang and Life Energy Cultivation
    • The Five Organs and Life Energy Cultivation
    • Quiz on Yin-yang, the Five Phases, and Life Energy Cultivation
  • Energy Flow  0/6

    • Energy Flow and Meridians
    • Energy Flow in Yin-yang and the Five Organs
    • Causes of Illnesses
    • Yin Yang Deficiencies and Illnesses
    • Download: the Chart for the Daily Energy Flow
    • Quiz on Energy Flow
  • Universal Energy and Food   0/4

    • Food Yin-yang and Thermal Natures
    • Food Flavors and Energy
    • The Other Aspects of Food Energy
    • Quiz on Universal Energy and Food
  • Universal Energy, Food Energy, and Life Energy  0/2

    • Grains, Beans, Meats, and Life Energy
    • Vegetables, Fruits, Water, and Life Energy
  • Food and Our Illness  0/5

    • Grains, Beans, and Illness
    • Meat, Fat, and Illness
    • Vegetables, Fruits, Water, and Illness
    • Quiz on Universal Energy, Food Energy, and Life Energy
    • Assignment: Universal Energy, the Human Body, and Food

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