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Course Description

This course is for individuals who want to go beyond the norm and use special advanced techniques to conserve their vital, yet limited, life energy in order to live a long healthy life and even cure diseases previously thought to be “incurable”.

Contents and Overview

We eat, breathe, and sleep in order to generate life energy. Yet, we deplete life energy through our daily activities including eating, digesting, breathing, and exercising. With life energy we live; without it we die. Therefore, life energy is too precious to waste, even when expended by normal bodily functions.

There is an extraordinary practice which allows us to eat and breathe less than normal thus retaining our vital energy while also capturing tremendous energy from the universe.

Only the body can cure its illnesses. All medicines and other remedies are the tools which coax the body into curing itself. If these conventional methods are ineffective in curing disease, then we must turn to unconventional methods to collect, conserve, and focus life energy to heal and cure our illnesses. This course explains how to do this in your daily life.

What will I get from this course?

You will learn methods which use less vital energy yet generate tremendous life energy.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to use unconventional means to enable their body to obtain energy from the universe and expend minimal life energy in doing so.

Anyone who has tried everything to cure their disease without success.

Anyone who has practiced The Total Life Energy Plan and has a broad knowledge and practice of life energy cultivation.



Energize Your Body to Conquer Chronic Fatigue, Weight Problems, and Any Illnesses and Diseases for a Healthy, Happy, and Long Life.
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