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This 8-week training program offers many detailed and practical tools to control weight. It is designed to meet your body’s unique needs. This program includes:

  • Making sure your body is able to accept energy.
  • Determining the energy deficiencies in your body and the causes of your weight problems.
  • Figuring out the ways to charge your body with the energy it desperately needs.
  • Using food, exercise, and other daily activities to strengthen your body so it is able to control weight.

This training program also includes:

  • Private training and consultation (in office or video conferencing) 1 hour/week.
  • Q&A session (email, online chat, or in person) 20 minutes/week.
  • A print book or 3 eBooks.
  • Chakra study material and tuning to Reiki Level 1.
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Energize Your Body to Conquer Chronic Fatigue, Weight Problems, and Any Illnesses and Diseases for a Healthy, Happy, and Long Life.

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