Total Life Energy Plan considers each individual’s unique bodily needs depending on their specific living conditions, and the Plan increases their vital life energy for living a long and healthy life. The Plan is created to help people conquer their health issues and change their life at a time when more and more people have degenerative diseases.

Total Life Energy Plan is unique. No other plan delivers complete health for the long term.

Total Life Energy Plan is based on life energy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine which has lasted for more than 5000 years, cured countless people, and works under all kinds of living environments.

How the Plan Works


Online Courses

  • Discussing the detail of The Total Life Energy Plan.
  • Including many quizzes to make sure you understand the basic concepts.
  • Containing many practical assignments for you to customize and apply the plan to your own health conditions and living environments.
  • Lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace and revisit anytime to apply and adjust your plan as your health condition changes.

We offer two educational paths:

A: Your Health:

  1. LEARN THE BASICS: Universal Energy, Human Body, and Food
  2. GET READY: Readying the Body to Obtain More and Needed Energy
  3. TAKE ACTION: Implementing Your Total Life Energy Plan
  4. BEYOND THE NORM: Advanced Life Energy Techniques

B: Practitioner Certification:

  1. ADVANCED WELLNESS TRAINING: The Total Life Energy Plan for Practitioners
  2. COACH TRAINING: How to Help Others to Achieve and Maintain Optimum Wellness
  3. BUSINESS TRAINING: They Need Your Service

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Books on The Total Life Energy Plan

The groundbreaking books, The Total Life Energy Plan, get a 5-Star review from the Readers’ Favorite®

“A must-have in all households.”

“An insightful and informative guide for all readers who are looking to create and maintain their body’s energy for long-term health.”

“Help readers to increase and maintain vitality, overcome chronic illnesses such as fatigue, high blood pressure, or diabetes, control weight, and improve sexual vitality.”

“Aid us in understanding how the world around us works, so that we can understand our bodies and live well in and with nature and among others.”

“Let us take this journey with the author to achieve health and vitality!”

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Group Training

Contact us for Group Training classes at work or in your community.

 Individual Consultation

Personal Health and Wellness Consultations, Individual Training, Private Healing Sessions with a Total Life Energy Plan Practitioner.

Keynote speaking for your convention, conference, or event

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Total Life Energy Plan

Benefits for a Lifetime


There are no other wellness programs available that produce more consistent results than The Total Life Energy Plan. You will be happy that you have discovered The Total Life Energy Plan and wish you had done it earlier, thus saving your limited but vital life energy for a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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